1. Please be punctual. Drawing the attention of such small spectators is very difficult. In consideration of the experience and comfort of our audience and the performing artists, we will not admit any late spectators once the performance had started.


  1. We recommend familiarising children with the new space, as well as with other children and adult spectators while waiting for the performance to start. Attractions we prepared in the underground maze of the theatre corridors may be a nice way to pass the waiting time.


  1. The Little Spectator has a right to share his or her opinions aloud and to express emotions. But the stage itself is reserved for actors only and the Little Spectator cannot enter it unless he or she is asked to do so.


  1. Please do not take pictures or record videos during the performance.


  1. Please do not bring food or drinks to the auditorium.


  1. We would like to clarify (especially to our regular audience, accustom to the formula of our plays) that most of the Festival shows do not foresee the onstage playtime after the show.. Of course the artists will be glad to talk to children who may then enter the stage and touch the props, but this will not be pre-arranged in any particular way.


  1. We will be grateful for the adult spectators making sure that they do not obscure the view of the Little Spectators. We believe that together, with a touch of good will we can make sure that all our children are able to enjoy the show in comfort.


  1. During the visit in our theatre parents/carers are responsible for the children’s safety.


  1. Seats in the theatre are not numbered.