All the TAKE PART IN ART festival events will take place in an extraordinary location in Warsaw’s Old Town – the Old Armory (Stara Prochownia) building at Boleść 2 Street.
Stara Prochownia is a unique space, not only because of the fact that the building remembers the king Sigismund Augustus’ times, but also because it is an ideal place for little explorers. Full of surprises, mazes and nooks, with amazing cellars leading to an amphitheatre and a tiny garden. In addition, during the festival the interiors of Stara Prochownia will be filled with everything that children love the most – colourful balls and cushions of all sizes, blocks, jigsaw puzzles, soft toys and lots of other things that little spectators could experiment with, while waiting for the performance.
Originally Stara Prochownia is one of the two seats of Capital Cultural Education Center. It is a home to many cultural events – professional and youth theatre groups, dance performances and concerts. In its everyday activities it is a space for workshops conducted by the resident artists – educators.  The Stara Prochownia stage also hosts numerous periodic cultural and educational events, such as Warsaw Youth Theatre Festival, Art Works Festival and Holiday Open Artistic Meetings.